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I’m Canadian, but I was born-again in Australia, so anything Aussie-related piques my interest. I was notified this morning of an upcoming world-wide protest in support of Australia. The notice was in the form of a video that featured a hodgepodge of Australian-themed images (kangaroos, Sydney street scenes, the outback, etc.), culminating in some recent footage of protesters being attacked by police.

The woman narrating the video appears at the end of it, prominently sporting a cross around her neck. Her appeal for help is to the world in general, not to Christians.

My first question would be: Why would a Christian appeal to the world in general for help? Why wouldn’t she go to God or to other Christians?

My second question would be: Why is this Christian getting involved in the affairs of the world? Does she not know that when she fights against and protests the world, she is fighting against and protesting the roll-out of God’s justice?

In other words, she’s fighting against God.

There are two reasons for the manifestation of evil in the world: One is that it’s the reward for wrong choices, whether individually or collectively; and the other is that it’s a test of some sort that God is permitting. Either way, fighting against it is fighting against God.

When evil increasingly manifests in the world, our job as born-again believers is to increase our manifestation of good. You don’t fight evil with evil; you fight it with good.

Australia is under a heavy burden right now, as are all former Christian nations. Whether that burden is a test or a reward, is not for me to say. Either way, the response of Australia’s Christians should be the same: to choose the good, to be kind, to be generous, to love their enemies, and to PRAY. That’s how you weaken the hold of evil over you and mitigate its damage – by doing good. You don’t weaken the hold of evil over you and mitigate its damage by protesting. You only have to look at recent videos to see that even so-called peaceful protests are places of dissent, chaos, aggression and confrontation, not peace.

The worse the world gets, the better we born-agains need to get. The more draconian the mandates and restrictions become, the more generous and forgiving we need to be. Our response to evil should never be in kind (that is, an eye for an eye), but with kindness. Our appeals for help should not be to the world, but to God.

If you choose to protest the ways of the world through civil action, that’s your choice. But be warned: by protesting in that way, you’ll only make things worse.

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