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Sometimes you hear a phrase or read a line that triggers an understanding of something else tangentially related. This happened to me yesterday when I was glancing through an online forum thread about the newest variant. Someone had asked: “Can babies take the mark?”

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not the injections currently making the rounds are the mark of the beast. I would say they are not, mainly (but not only) for the following reason.

Scripture tells us that the mark will be mandated for everyone, no exceptions. The current injections include exceptions, and they also (for the time being) exclude babies and young children. But there will be zero exemptions for the mark of the beast. That is understood. Zero exceptions and zero exemptions:

AND HE CAUSETH ALL, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads….”


As we see from the scripture above, the mark will be mandated for everyone. But the taking of the mark is not something that can be done lightly, in the spiritual sense, as scripture also tells us that those who take the mark will be shut out of Heaven. This is the worst possible outcome for a human soul. So there has to be a free-will and informed decision involved in taking the mark. SOMEONE ELSE CANNOT MAKE THIS DECISION FOR YOU.

Babies and young children cannot make free-will informed decisions. In fact, God considers anyone under the age of 20 unable to make decisions that affect their immortal soul. We know this, because everyone under the age of 20 when they left Egypt during the Exodus was permitted to enter the Promised Land, regardless of the type of life they’d led until then. There might have been a few minor exceptions (during general purges, like when whole families were obliterated), but the general rule was that those who were over the age of 20 at the Exodus had to perish in the desert (except for Caleb and Joshua), while those under the age of 20 at the Exodus could enter the Promised Land.

Which brings me to the point at hand – if the scripture states that everyone has to get the mark, this cannot by definition include those under the age of 20, which means there mustn’t be anyone under the age of 20 alive on Earth when the mark is made mandatory for everyone.

Think “Children of Men”, the movie, where no children have been born for nearly 20 years. This is the scenario that would have to occur for the mark to be made compulsory for everyone: There would have to be no-one under the age of 20 alive when the decree goes out for “ALL” to get the mark.

We know that the goal of the globalist eugenicists has been to take over the role of reproduction and control it. This is in the process of being done now, mainly through various injections causing sterility, along with technologies that literally cook and irradiate sperm and ovaries, and abortions and abortion pills that are readily available on demand. Added to that, of course, are the chemicals infusing our food, water and household items that are so much a part of modern life, no-one pays much heed to them anymore, even though their negative effects on human reproductive health are well-known, well-documented, and well-publicized.

That’s not to say that, along with sterilization, there won’t also be a sudden die-off of people under the age of 20. But I think the psychopaths who run this world will arrange instead for mass sterilization, miscarriages, still births, and abortions until there are simply no more births. And then perhaps they’ll kill off any under-20s who still remain, the way Herod had those under the age of 2 massacred.

There is definitely a precedent for killing children by decree.

So to answer the person’s question about whether or not babies can take the mark – no, babies can’t take the mark, as such a momentous decision with eternal ramifications cannot be made on someone’s behalf by someone else (such as parents or doctors or politicians). Babies can’t take the mark, children can’t take the mark – in fact, no-one under the age of 20 can take the mark. Which means that when the mark is finally given, there’ll be no-one under the age of 20 in the world, unless they’ve been marked with God’s seal and are in hiding.

Watch for signs of “unexplained” falling birth rates and rising incidences of miscarriages and still births, along with mass deaths of young children by SIDS or other inexplicable causes. As Jesus warned us:

“And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!”


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