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Scripture shows us that all revolutions that come from God start with one.

Abraham was one, Moses was one, David was one, Jesus was one.

In between, each of the prophets was one.

There was no group and no consensus model in these revolutions: There was only the one.

We, as born-again believers, are the inheritors of the revolution of one. We are called to carry on the battle not as a group or a congregation, but as individuals aligned with God through his Holy Spirit. We are believers not as a consensus, but as individuals. We are known to God not as a group, but as as individuals, and as individuals we will stand before him on Judgement Day to be judged individually, not as a group or a collective.

This is crucially important to understand, as the world is currently and very rapidly shifting to a mass collective consensus model that is not from God. It is very much not from God. Our response to this shift should be the same as that of all God’s people through the ages: To stand unmovable on the Rock of God, even if it means we stand alone.

The powers-that-be don’t fear a revolution of a group; they fear a revolution of one, because they know that it only takes one tiny spark to light a flame, and one flame to light a fire, and one fire to spread into a holy conflagration that is unstoppable. Groups that conspire revolutions are easily swayed and disbanded, as they rely on consensus, which is mostly half-hearted, reluctant, and grudging agreement. Consensus is a model developed in the deepest pit of Hell.

But revolutions that start with one and that are sparked by God’s Holy Spirit cannot be quenched. This type of revolution is a holy fire that burns with righteousness and draws people not only by its light and warmth, but by its Truth. And Truth is a flame that burns forever, as it is lit by God and maintained by God and is God.

This is the revolution we are called to as born-again followers of Jesus – the revolution of one. All of God’s people since the time of Abel have been called to this revolution: To stand as individual children before God and as individual believers before the world. The congregations have been deeply corrupted, and those who set themselves up as leaders in the worldly church have become emissaries of Satan, not of God. There is no Truth in them. When you stand in a worldly congregation, you stand in the synagogue of Satan as followers of the fallen, not of Jesus. And if you’re a follower of the fallen, what are you doing on this website?

Each of us is called to be a revolution of one, to stand as individuals before God and before the world. That is the calling of born-again believers graced by God’s Holy Spirit. Collectively, we are the one and only and true church established by Jesus, but even if there were only one of us left here – one single individual born-again follower of Jesus – there would still be a church on Earth.

We do not need each other to be a church – we do not need a group, we do not need a building, we do not need a creed, and we do not need a collective. To make a church, we only need one soul to say yes to God – one soul to be lit by God’s Holy Flame and to stand before God and before the world as his witness.

One soul alone is enough to make a church that can stand against all the powers of Hell.

That is the revolution of one, and that is our calling as born-again believers.

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