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Just a timely reminder that Christians don’t choose sides in a war.

Also a timely reminder that Christians don’t fight in a war or in any way support a war.

We are to treat all people as equal before God and all people as loved by God.

We are to love and pray for those who hate and oppose us in the same measure as we’re to love and pray for those who love us.

You don’t kill or malign those you love.


If you choose a side in a war, you are not following Jesus, you’re following the world.

Even Jesus, in his occupied country, didn’t favor his people over the occupying Romans.

Just a timely reminder, because Satan is working overtime to get God’s people to fall for the war propaganda.

Don’t be tempted into hating or supporting one people over another.

Don’t be fooled.


Love all equally. We are all made in God’s image and all equally loved by God.

Remember how kind Jesus was even to Judas Iscariot, knowing full well who Judas was.

That is our model of how to treat people: love all, without exception.

That is our job description.

And that is how we differ from the world.

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