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I have to laugh a bit at Christian preppers.

They’re usually the same people who stand every Sunday with arms outstretched, palms upward, loudly reciting the so-called Lord’s Prayer, which includes the line “Give us this day our daily bread”.

And then they go out and buy a 5-year supply of MREs at Walmart, and they don’t see the irony in it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Prepping is anti-christ. Jesus never prepped, other than for his spiritual tests. He was King not only of Israel, but also of the quick get-away and traveling light. When he taught us to pray to God to give us our bread daily (that is, our food), it was because that’s how he lived. He didn’t say one thing and then do something else; he was no hypocrite. He taught us to pray to God to give us our bread daily because that’s how he lived and how he knew we should live.

But Christian preppers appear to know better than Jesus when it comes to food. Even as they pray to God to give them their bread on a daily basis, they hoard enough beans and rice and Spam to last into the next millennium. And they don’t see any contradiction there, because the words they mouth at church don’t really mean anything to them.

It’s classic lip service.

Did you know that when you buy more than what you need at any given time, someone else won’t have enough?

The fear-driven food hoarding that’s been going on for the past few years is not from God. The recent spike in fear mongering over a forecasted famine is also not from God. All you need to ask is “Who benefits?”, and then you’ll see who’s pushing the panic button to get you to spend all of your disposable income on food and other preps.

I don’t need to show you statistics about how the globalist businesses have made off like bandits since the start of the “pandemic”. You can see it for yourself. Meanwhile, small and micro-businesses are daily dying the death. It’s almost as if the lockdowns and restrictions were imposed solely to destroy the Mom & Pops and further enrich the globalists. But they wouldn’t do that, now, would they? ;D

We born-again believers need to ignore the siren call of prepping. We need to follow Jesus not just spiritually but also in physical matters. When he told us not to worry about what we’ll eat or what we’ll drink, he meant it. When he said that unbelievers worry about those things but we shouldn’t, he meant it. He wasn’t just filling up his followers’ heads with words; he was teaching them how to live. And what he taught them was that God will provide for his children in ways that we cannot even imagine, as long as his children remain faithful to him.

If you’re a born-again believer and you’ve prepped beyond having a few things in the cupboard that you could leave behind without a second thought, you need to stop. You need to refocus on God’s Word and actually listen to what Jesus is teaching you. You cannot call yourself a Christian and at the same time have months’ or years’ worth of food squirreled away. That makes you a hypocrite.

What you do with all the food and supplies you’ve prepped thus far is between you and God. But if you’re reading this and you still go out tomorrow or the next day or the next and buy more than what you reasonably need over the short-term (that is, until your next anticipated grocery shopping trip), you’ve got some serious soul-searching to do.

And don’t get me started about the “Christians” who are stockpiling years’ worth of bullets to put in their guns to use against anyone who tries to take their food. This is reaching absurdity levels of hypocrisy that I’m sure even Jesus hadn’t thought possible.

The only kind of prepping that is Christian is spiritual prepping.

Everything else comes from the devil.

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