I spend a lot of time on his blog talking about God’s Kingdom. That should be no surprise to anyone, as the Kingdom has been my spiritual home country since my rebirth 23 years ago. People like to talk about their home country. Mine just happens to be invisible.

But its lack of visibility doesn’t mean it isn’t there. As Jesus said, the Kingdom is within us and all around us. It forms the interface between the eternal realm and the mortal realm, that is, between timelessness/infinity and time/space, respectively. Born-again believers, while yet on Earth, live spiritually in the Kingdom and physically in the world.

On occasion, we mere mortals are blessed with very visible visitors from the eternal realm, like God’s holy angels or Moses and Elijah. These are interdimensional visits. Sometimes the visitors appear in physical form and sometimes as apparitions. The angels who visited Lot for the night and then dragged him out of Sodom just before its destruction the next day were not apparitions. They had physical form and were able to eat and drink. Jesus, after his resurrection, also appeared in physical form. In fact, because he appeared so suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, the disciples initially thought he must be a ghost. He ate with them and drank with them, and even invited them to touch his wounds, so that they would know he had a physical body and was actually there with them.

I’ve had some dealings with interdimensional visitors from the eternal realm, though at the time God kept their identity from me. He knows I’m such a big-mouth, I’d be screaming to everyone “Look! It’s ANGELS!”, or alternatively I’d be so freaked out, I wouldn’t know what to do, no matter how many times the angels would try to reassure me with “Fear not! Fear not!” So he sends his angels to help me when I need a particular kind of help, but he only lets me know well after the fact that they’re angels.

One interdimensional rescue mission took place a few years ago when I was traveling across Canada for two months on the train. I was nearing the end of my journey and was frankly worn out. I was in Toronto and wanted to get back to Halifax ASAP, but time and the train schedule were against me (or so I thought). Here’s an account of the encounter the day after it happened. I still didn’t know at the time of writing the article that I’d just had an interdimensional intervention:

God leaves breadcrumbs for us throughout the Bible and in our own lives about the reality of interdimensional visitations. It doesn’t require knowledge of quantum physics to figure out: we just have to open our eyes and ears and heart; to see, hear and feel. God interfaces with me every day, all day, through his Spirit, and Jesus comes along for the ride. That was Jesus’ promise to us in the book of John – that he and God would come to live with us, through God’s Spirit. And like God, Jesus always keeps his promises.

Bilocation and appearing/disappearing are also evidence of interdimensionality in the Bible. Even before his resurrection, Jesus had a habit of appearing or disappearing, depending on the circumstances. When he made a sudden appearance, it was usually to help someone; when he suddenly disappeared, it was usually a form of escape.  

My helper at the train station both appeared out of nowhere and disappeared into thin air. I should have realized at the time who I was dealing with, but God hid my understanding until later.

Interdimensional visitations are sometimes confused with time travelling. I am not a believer in time travel, and in fact I don’t think it exists, unless by “time travel” you mean interdimensional travel between the eternal and the mortal realms – that is, from the realm of timelessness to the realm of time. Having knowledge of the future can easily be explained by the difference between these two realms. Jesus (and other prophets in scripture) knew what would happen in the future either because God told them, or God sent someone from the eternal realm to tell them. Neither Jesus nor the prophets time-traveled or had any reason to do so; they simply received information, either directly from source (God) or indirectly (through messages or visions, also sent from God). This process continues today. It’s called revelation.

As welcoming as I am to God’s holy interdimensional visitors on Earth, I have no desire to try to break the time and space barrier and return their visit. I’m happy to wait until it’s my time and I get my one-way ticket home, if and when I do. I think that people who attempt to bridge the interface on their own volition (that is, without God’s grace) end up communicating with demonic spirits, who are only too happy to give them the illusion that they’ve somehow managed to time travel.

A lot of fringe and even mainstream films and books are based on the premise of time travel and alien contact. There is a profound lack of knowledge about God and interdimensionality in these works of science fiction, so much so that obvious demonic entities are framed as friendly beings who are here to help. (Satan’s tactics, as he first debuted them in the Garden with Eve, haven’t changed a whit over the millennia.) While time-travel remains elusive, contact with interdimensional beings can be made from the mortal realm, and sadly quite easily. I’m not going to go into details about how to do that, other than to say you’re best to stay far, far away from it all. Nothing good can come from communicating with evil.

As a final note to this topic for today, it’s useful to remember that the entire Bible itself is evidence of God’s interdimensional communication with his people through revelation. Without interdimensional communication occurring between the eternal and mortal realms, there would be no Bible. It’s the revelations from God that make scripture holy; otherwise, the Bible is just a history of a certain people at a certain time, and we know that the Bible is much more than that. We know it’s God’s Word. But God lives in eternity and we don’t, so he needs to communicate with us across the dimensions, through his Spirit directly to us, or through his Spirit acting on his prophets and messengers.

I hope you take some time to think about interdimensionality and how you experience it in your everyday life. Because you do experience and engage in it every day, whether you’re aware of it or not. Paul says that we in the mortal realm can see into the eternal realm as “through a glass darkly”, but the eternal realm can see into ours quite clearly, like a one-way mirror looking into an interrogation room. The more aware you become of the constant interdimensionality of everyday life, the more likely you’ll be to act accordingly.

Knowing that God’s always looking over my shoulder (and taking notes) sure keeps me on the strait and narrow.

May your day be blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit of God and his holy messengers.

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