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Throughout scripture, fear is the great divider that separates those who love God from those who don’t. The amount of fear you have (fear of death, fear of disease, fear of poverty, fear of going hungry, fear of going homeless, fear of being outcast or ridiculed or slandered, etc.) is a direct measure of your relationship with God: the more you fear, the farther away you are from God.

Fear is also the opposite of faith.

Of all God’s prophets, Jesus not only had the greatest faith and the greatest measure of God’s Spirit, but also the least amount of fear. I would even suggest (and I believe scripture backs me up) that Jesus had no fear of anyone or anything at all, other than a righteous and holy fear of God.

We born-again believers need to be like that.

I’m talking to you, preppers, and to all those who’ve stockpiled whatever you stockpile (food, money, property, ammunition, supplies, etc.) – the more you stockpile, the more you reveal your fear and the weakness of your faith.

I’m talking to you, mandate compliers, and to all those who call themselves followers of Jesus but who still cover their faces and go along to get along, afraid they won’t be able to provide for their family or get what they need or go where they want. The more you comply, the more you reveal your fear and the weakness of your faith.

I’m talking to you, lovers of the world more than lovers of God. I see you in the pews in the mainstream churches, faces covered and bowing down to the satanic rainbow, too afraid to speak up lest you be kicked out of spiritual Sodom. The more sin you tolerate in houses designated as God’s, the more you reveal your fear and the weakness of your faith.

Jesus never prepped or complied with mandates that conflicted with his beliefs or bowed down to the world’s idols. Like Jesus, you don’t need to do any of those things if you live in the Kingdom. God will provide for all your needs as you need them, as long as you keep him and his Commandments front and center in your life. You stray off the path, things will get rough for you (speaking from experience here, lol).

But if you keep God front and center, defer to him in all matters, and rely on and follow his advice rather than that of the world, he will provide. That is his promise to his children (LEVITICUS 26 and DEUTERONOMY 28), and if you’re genuinely born-again, you are his child. You are the spiritual progeny of the perfect Father who is also the greatest force in the universe. Do you think such a perfect force would abandon his children? I don’t think so. God always keeps his promises, whether to reward or to punish. Scripture provides ample evidence of that.

Fear is the hallmark of unbelievers and of those who are weak in faith. Look around you and see who is afraid and what they’re afraid of. Whatever their fears, you don’t need to share them. Jesus didn’t. He embraced the sick and diseased, embraced poverty, embraced being shunned, embraced being outcast, and in the end he even embraced being crucified. In none of those circumstances did he show any fear.

But, you say, he was Jesus. I’m just me.

Jesus came to show us how to follow him in the Way, that is, how to live without fear. The closer you follow his example, the less fear you have, the greater your faith, and the closer you grow to God.

This is not spiritual rocket science here; it’s the foundation and cornerstone of what it means to be a Christian.

Share in the world’s fears and get the world’s spiritual rewards, or cast off the world’s fears and get the rewards of the Kingdom.

The choice is yours.

The right one is obvious.

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