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When the children of Israel started to go down the wrong path God-wise, the pagans they lived among started to gain more power over them. The more they disobeyed God’s Commandments and the laws Moses gave them, the worse their lives became and the more pagan-like they grew, learning to value lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, covetousness, honor killings, etc., as acceptable cultural norms.

At some point, God gave them up for lost and let the pagans rule over them until the majority of the children of Israel were indistinguishable from unbelievers. The few faithful who still followed the Commandments God spared, protected, and set aside. The rest he let go.

Former Christendom is undergoing the same mutation process today. It is a spiritual devolvement to move from Christianity to anything else, just as it was a spiritual devolvement thousands of years ago to move from Judaism to anything else. The rewards are the same today as they were thousands of years ago for those who make that shift to paganism, keeping in mind that “paganism” is a euphemism for demonism, and that the deities worshiped by pagans are actually demons and fallen angels in disguise.

Paganism is any form of worship that is not worship of God in Jesus’ name.

In my travels over the past few months, I have found that most of Canada is now owned and run by pagans. They have not been imposed on the country; they were earned as Canada’s just reward for turning away from God and his Commandments. Even their pagan festivals are now being given the same treatment as former Christian festivals and holy days, and in some cases have become more prominent and celebrated.

Scripture shows that the only way for a nation to regain God’s blessings and avoid his judgement is for all people in that nation to sincerely repent and turn back to God. I can’t see this happening in a place like Canada that is now majority pagan. It may happen in small pockets of believers or on a person-by-person basis, but Canada will never return to its earlier spiritual prosperity, as the majority of Canadians no longer believe in God or keep his Commandments.

As a born-again believer, I feel more and more isolated and foreign in my own place of birth. I feel more and more unwelcome and more and more like an oddity. I was forcibly removed from a chapel a few weeks ago while I was reading the Bible and praying. A female security guard who spoke with a very strong Indian accent had reported me for “loitering” in the chapel at Toronto’s Pearson airport. (As if such a thing were possible – to loiter in a chapel!) Two armed police officers showed up and threatened me with arrest unless I left immediately, as otherwise I’d be charged with trespassing (again, as if it were possible for me, as my Father’s daughter, to be trespassing in a place designated as my Father’s house of prayer). Not wanting to be arrested (it’s not yet my time, as Jesus would say), I left the chapel and the airport, but I was profoundly shaken by how dark things have become in Canada when a Christian woman can be threatened with arrest for allegedly loitering and trespassing in a place set aside for Christian prayer and worship. I can’t imagine the same thing happening to a Muslim woman (or man) in a place set aside for Muslim prayer and worship.

I have made it a policy, as a born-again believer, not to go where I’m not welcome. I take my cue from Jesus’ instruction to his disciples to shake the dust from their feet as a sign to places that reject the Gospel. There are many places I’ve discovered that I can’t go anymore, so there’s been a whole lotta foot-shakin’ going on over the past few months. And like Jesus and Paul, I will avoid going places where I’m threatened with arrest until God gives me the cue that it’s my time.

It is not pleasant living among pagans and watching a former Christian nation fall under pagan authority, with God’s approval. It’s deeply and profoundly sad, like mourning. Some of the places I’ve visited God has told me he’s entirely washed his hands of, that he’s given the inhabitants over to their sins and vices and let them be. It’s a terrible thing to have God wash his hands of you, to have him let you be. That is not something you ever want to have happen to you, but it remains a possibility for everyone, as long as they’re still on Earth in human form.

After I left the chapel in Pearson airport, I boarded a local Toronto bus and headed for the subway. I’d heard that it would be running all night to accommodate the revelers at a city-wide arts festival. I’d never “ridden the rails” after midnight, so I was kind of excited to see what it would be like riding around in empty subway cars at 3 a.m. That’s what I’d envisioned, anyway – that the subway cars would be empty and quiet and clean and orderly and I’d be able to have a good nap from one end of the system to the other.

The reality was that the cars were full to bursting – standing room only – until well after 4 a.m. One of the last cars I rode in was taken over by a very drunk and rowdy group of young people of about university age. One of them sat across from me and slumped over with his head between his legs. At some point he opened his mouth and began to spew vomit on the floor between his feet. He didn’t heave; he just left his mouth open and the vomit poured out in a steady stream. I have never seen so much vomit coming from one human. It quickly grew into a pool that covered half the subway car. It was like a horror movie or better said a parody of one. I jumped off at the next stop and notified the driver what was going on. The last I saw, the train was halted at the station to deal with the mess.

So much for Toronto the Good, as it used to be known. So much for Toronto transit being so clean, you could eat off the floor of the vehicles and the stations. That’s how it used to be, back in the days when you could still say “Merry Christmas” without being shushed or accused of bigotry, back in the days when a Christian woman would never have been removed from a chapel at gunpoint for the alleged crime of “loitering”.

When a nation rejects God, he leaves. He shakes the dust from the bottom of his feet, and he leaves. What is left in his wake is a spew of cultural and spiritual filth that eventually drowns out all that was good and holy. There are now whole cities and regions in Canada that have become to me like Sodom and Gomorrah, whole cities and regions that I will never pass through again. But the pagans and neo-pagans haven’t won, because they face the same end as the wayward and fallen former Christians unless they repent.

No-one wins when a nation rejects God. No-one wins when a nation devolves into paganism. The natural end of such an abomination was foretold by Jeremiah and came to pass when the children of Israel were besieged in Jerusalem and ended up cooking and eating their own children, followed by the destruction of Solomon’s temple. It came to pass again when Jerusalem was besieged by Roman soldiers, followed by the destruction of the second temple. And now it’s coming to pass in former Christendom, with women again murdering their own children, this time in the name of reproductive rights, followed by the wholesale destruction of church buildings the world over.

Scripture tells us that God will not be mocked. If he’s not welcome, he’ll leave. If I’m not welcome, I’ll leave. But God help those places that are left bereft of God and his children: They will quickly become previews of the inescapable hell that awaits the fallen forevermore.

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