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CAMPBELLTON, New Brunswick, May 1, 2023 – The problem with the argument “my body, my choice” is that it’s not your body.

When it comes to a baby in your womb, the baby’s body is distinct from yours. Whole different DNA. The baby’s body is not your body, which means the argument that you can do as you please to the baby because it’s part of your body is false from the get-go. Abortion is the murder of a being who is distinct from you. That the distinct being is temporarily inside you is irrelevant.

In cases where people insist they can do whatever they want to their body, including maiming it through surgery or killing it by suicide – these people need to be reminded that it’s not their body – it’s God’s. Their body is on loan from God. He’s agreed they can use it for a time, to house their soul, but the body ultimately belongs to God. Not believing in God doesn’t negate the fact that God owns the body.

How you treat the body God gave you on loan will be part of your soul’s judgement.

So ultimately, the argument “my body, my choice” has no validity whatsoever.

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