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CAMPBELLTON, New Brunswick, May 1, 2023 – There comes a point when mainstream society has gone so far off the rails, there’s no hauling it back through civil discourse or other means.

You can only proceed in a parallel world, or you end up suffering the same deserved fate as those who throw their lot in with the devil. You can only proceed in a parallel world based on God’s Truth, not the devil’s lies.

This is what Jesus did. From the start of his ministry years to his final days as a human, he lived and moved in the parallel realm he called the Kingdom of God. Spiritually he was in the Kingdom, but physically his body was still in the world. So he used the world to satisfy his physical needs, as a resource tool. Otherwise, he invested himself only in the Kingdom.

Jesus didn’t teach his followers to separate themselves from the world. He taught them instead to use the world’s resources to benefit the Kingdom, without becoming part of the world. Their separation from the world was to be spiritual, not physical.

Judaism was an open running sore in those days, much like Christianity is today. And like Judaism in Jesus’ day, Christianity today is also beyond saving. It’s a dead thing that has already breathed its last. Its revivals are nothing more than reanimation of a corpse hooked up to machines. There is no Truth in the worldly church because there is no Spirit of Truth in it. Certainly, the worldly church has lots of spirits – legions of them.

It just doesn’t have the only Spirit that matters: God’s.

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