When Jesus said that the world is under Satan, he didn’t mean it figuratively or metaphorically, he meant it literally: The world is actually under the authority of Satan.

We born-agains, however, are not under Satan. We’re in the protected zone of the Kingdom, with “PROPERTY OF GOD” and “HANDS OFF THE MERCHANDISE” emblazoned across us spiritually. The evil one knows to keep his distance from us (unless God gives him permission to tempt us).

Even so, we live our lives surrounded by spiritual enemies. Everyone who is not born-again is under Satan, which means they’re our spiritual enemies. You have to be careful around enemies. You can’t give too much away. Scripture says to keep your innermost thoughts even from your spouse, because no-one can be trusted. Scripture also says that Jesus kept his innermost thoughts to himself because he knew men’s hearts. He trusted no-one, not even his closest disciples. And seeing how they all fled when he was arrested, he was right not to trust them.

The world being under the control of Satan means it’s built on lies, Satan being the Father of Lies. And who better to place as “leaders” of nations than people who lie for a living, otherwise known as politicians; and who better to promote and broadcast the lies of politicians than mainstream media and their controlled opposition, the alternative media? The world is awash in lies because it’s based on lies and run by professional liars.

Two of the biggest lies are that politicians have power and make their own decisions, and that the media is free and can broadcast what it wants. We know that both politicians and the media are tightly controlled and steered by the deep state that undergirds all power structures across all nations. Not just politicians, but anyone in a position of worldly authority, including doctors, university presidents, teachers, religious leaders, business executives, lawyers, accountants, law enforcement, musicians, artists, athletes, actors, etc. – nearly everyone in a position of authority or who has achieved a certain level of success in their field has entered into an agreement with Satan.

Of course, Satan’s recruiters (working mainly under the auspices of “secret societies”, foundations and charities) don’t approach potential recruits by asking them if they’d like to sell their soul in return for career success and exemption from the world’s laws, but that’s essentially the deal. Most of the recruits are sourced at universities and colleges; other recruiting sites include auditions, casting calls, grassroots organizations, boardrooms, interview rooms, locker rooms, gala events – any place ambitious people congregate. Satan feeds on the ambitious; they are his go-to tools, because they’re so predictable and so easily controlled. Not all ambitious people will sell their soul for success in their chosen field, but most will.

Once the deal is made and the new recruits enter their apprenticeship stage, they are closely watched both with the world’s surveillance tools and spiritual surveillance. This is when the dirt is carefully gathered on these people to be used against them later if they want out of the deal or if they go off-script. If no dirt can be found at that stage, the monitors dig deeper into the recruits’ past to find something, or they just simply earmark for harm certain loved ones of the recruits, and make sure the recruits are aware of it. This is how Satan is able to run such a tight ship throughout the global deep state. He’s instituted a system of coercion, threats, and blackmail that the recruits seemingly can’t escape, not even through death, and he’s roped in their loved ones as well, though most of the loved ones are unaware they have a target on their back. The whole process is diabolical in the truest sense.

The good news, though, is that most of these people can escape if they really want to. Unless they’ve knowingly and with full agreement given their will over to Satan (as those at the highest levels of the deep state have done), they can escape. But the only way out is by becoming a follower of Jesus. There is no other way out. You can’t just simply walk away from a contract with Satan. You can only break free by coming under the protection of God’s Holy Spirit, and that only happens through spiritual rebirth.

I personally know some people who’ve signed on to this Hell on Earth in exchange for worldly success. I knew them socially before I was born-again. I myself was never recruited, probably because I was too much of a wild-card and never ambitious for worldly wealth or success. I was always looking for love and truth, even as an atheist. I wouldn’t have been a good fit in an organization headed by the Father of Lies. I would have been, as they say, a clear liability.

Jesus got the offer. Satan himself tried to recruit Jesus during his temptation in the desert, offering him the big prize – all the wealth and glory of all the world’s kingdoms – but Jesus turned him down flat. The ones who didn’t turn him down have their names recorded in history books. Strangely, though, when we read about these “great” men and women, we never read about how they were tempted by the devil and accepted the offer. That part of their biography is always glaringly missing.

I’m not knocking the deep state. I wouldn’t want to be part of it and I don’t admire those who are in it, but I’m not knocking it. It is what it is, and it serves its purpose, kind of like a sewage system serves a purpose. God permits the deep state for a reason. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be avoided like the plague, but I’m not interested in disrupting what it does or how it operates. Even though God put Satan in control of it, God still controls Satan, which means that God ultimately controls the deep state. More specifically, he sets boundaries for what it can and cannot do, the way he set boundaries for what Satan could and could not do to Job.

Satan no longer has free will, so he needs God’s permission to do evil. But God will only permit as much evil as has been earned by those receiving it or as much as is useful for testing purposes. God created evil and sets boundaries for it, but he doesn’t do evil. He lets those who are evil and choose evil do evil. Even evil serves a purpose in God’s economy.

So you see what Jesus meant when he said the world is under Satan. It actually really truly is. The unholy realm where Satan is Lord is just as real as the holy realm where Jesus is Lord, yet Jesus is Lord over Satan and therefore also over the deep state. God has given Jesus that authority.

It’s enough for us to know that the world is under Satan and that Jesus has overcome the world. We don’t need to dig any deeper into the deep state or try to disrupt its plans. As long as you stick with Jesus, those plans don’t include you. You are not part of that judgement. So let the deep state be and focus on God and his Kingdom. You will not accomplish anything either by exposing individual members of the deep state or by trying to thwart their plans. All you’ll do is get in the way of God’s judgement. Yes, it’s useful to know that the deep state exists and how it functions, but otherwise it’s best just to let it be.

And if you personally know someone who took the bait and became part of the deep state, pray for them. And pray for those who see no way out, but want out. Amen.

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