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The controlled demolition of formerly Christian Western nations, or what used to be called Christendom, is now going full steam ahead under the guise of a globalized pandemic. The uprooting and dismantling of the workforce, the economy, our history and our culture (including and especially our belief system, which is based on the Ten Commandments) is eerily similar to what took place in Germany, Russia and China just before their 20th century revolutions. The medical has become the political, with slogans like “for the greater good” and “we’re all in this together” lifted directly from the Propaganda 101 handbook. Those who don’t agree with the new normal order are being identified, tagged, and marked for elimination, just like in Germany, Russia and China. It’s only a matter of time before doors get kicked in at 3 a.m. and “dissidents” are hauled off to quarantine facilities that bear a striking resemblance to concentration camps.

Being followers of Jesus, we’re supernaturally outcasts and dissidents, not just to the new normal order, but to the world in general. Living opposed to the realm of Satan is the heart and soul of being a Christian. Our outsider’s perspective gives us a heads-up of sorts for what’s coming. Because come it will. There’s no avoiding what is about to be unleashed.

Every day we see the walls closing in further on those who will not comply. Mandates that just a few months ago were ridiculed as conspiracy theories are now being imposed by the very same people who labeled them as such. We are surrounded by deceivers who have no shame in being caught in their lies and about-faces. Like their father Satan, they speak lies as their mother tongue, while Truth is a foreign language they have no desire to learn.

Unfortunately, the only rallying cry that has emerged so far to combat the West’s destruction has been to urge people to “wake up”. But waking up won’t stop anything; it will just make people more aware that the destruction is happening.

Scripture teaches us that when a nation is in danger of destruction, it’s not because of evil from without but evil from within. The people of the nation strayed so far from God’s Commandments that they devolved into a society where evil and depravity were normalized. Their destruction was the natural outcome of their devolution. Those doing the destruction were, in fact, doing God’s judgement.

I don’t blame the forces (human and otherwise) that are behind the dismantling of Christendom. We deserve every bit of the evil that’s coming our way, seeing how far we’ve fallen spiritually. This would not be happening to us if we hadn’t earned it. In other words, this is God’s judgement on Christendom, just as the flood was God’s judgement, and the destruction of Sodom was God’s judgement, and the 10 plagues of Egypt were God’s judgement, and the obliteration of the heathen nations by the children of Israel was God’s judgement. The controlled demolition of formerly Christian nations is God’s judgement on those nations and will proceed just as assuredly as every other instance of God’s judgement. As Christians, our job isn’t to wake people up to the coming destruction or even to try to stop it, but to get out of the way while God takes care of business.

When God told Abraham about his plans to destroy Sodom, Abraham tried to strike a deal with him. He asked God if he would cancel his plans if there were at least 10 righteous souls in the city. God agreed to do so, if there were 10 righteous souls. As we know, the destruction proceeded as planned. That meant there weren’t even 10 righteous souls in a regional area of hundreds of thousands. How many righteous souls do you suppose are in formerly Christian nations today? Remember that only two souls (Joshua and Caleb) out of more than a million were considered worthy to cross over the River Jordan to the Promised Land.

I’m not sure if there’s any point in praying for Christendom. Most of the people in it would rather curse God than humble themselves before him. I think we’re at the stage where God has simply given people over to their depravity and let them go. This is not a situation like Jonah and Nineveh, where all the Ninevites repented in sackcloth and ashes and God cancelled his plans to destroy their city. No, this is definitely more like the flood or like Sodom, where God warned his own people to prepare accordingly or suffer the same fate as the condemned.


Our shelter from the coming storm needs to be like Noah’s – we need to go into the ark of God and shut the doors and windows tight. But unlike Noah’s, our ark is spiritual, not physical. Our salvation is spiritual, not physical, just as our wars are spiritual, not physical. This is not the time for slacking off or wandering off from the path. This is not the time for weakness. Our temptations and tests will only get harder because the stakes are getting higher and higher. We need to be ready for them by preparing now.

And how do we prepare? By staying as close as we can to God, doing everything he advises, and following as closely as we can behind Jesus. And what does that translate to in action? Read your Bible every day, keep the Commandments, treat others as you want to be treated, and love your enemies. And if you haven’t yet started to teach and preach the Word, start today. When God, at the Judgement, asks you what you did with the talent he gave you, you do not want to be the one who says you were afraid and so hid it away. God enables your talent, through his Spirit, so let him speak and work through you. Remember that Jesus was ready to start his ministry before he realized he was ready. His mother had to push him.

Consider this your push.

Make God and his Kingdom all your focus and all your labour, as a follower of Jesus, and no matter what the world throws at you in the coming months, you’ll survive in the only way that matters – spiritually.

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