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God save us from theologians and from all those who bend and twist God’s Word for money and prestige!

Theologians are the false prophets of academe. They are also the chosen cornerstone of false prophet Christianity and the sand on which Bible colleges and seminaries are built. In Jesus’ day, they were the Pharisees and Sadducees and lawyers and scribes. They were the ones who said they knew, but had learned nothing of real value. They were the ones who were so blind, they even tried to stop Jesus from healing because it was the Sabbath.

Theologians today, and their adherents and cheerleaders, are no better. What I can’t understand is why someone would put so much effort into knowing about God and yet never take the time to get to know him. Theologians know some vague general characteristics about God, but they don’t know him. This is a great mystery to me, why they would stop short of wanting to know him.

They approach knowledge of God like a detective staking out a murder scene. Belief, for them, is the crime, and God the mystery they’re tasked to solve. They use forensic tools and deductive reasoning, but God cannot be found in those things and ways. God purposely made it so that he can’t be found in those things and ways, and yet theologians still try. If they truly knew God, they would know they’re wasting their time.

Faith in God, Paul says, is evidence of God. But theologians are not fans of faith in God. Such faith doesn’t pay their bills or get them tenure. Such faith doesn’t invite them to conferences or publish their books. The world does all that. And so, theologians put their faith in the world without realizing how hypocritical that is.

I don’t curse theologians; I wonder at their blindness, but I don’t curse them. They remind me of people who say they love horses and yet who have never ridden a horse and have no intention of riding a horse or even spending time with one. Their “love” is an ideation, an abstraction based on an idea of a horse, not on a real horse.

The idea of God to me was anathema when I was an unbeliever. I had an image of God like a child would draw a stick figure. I looked at the stick figure and said “that’s God”, and rejected it. All atheism is based on rejection of a stick figure that is not God.

Theologians draw a fancier stick figure of God. They put clothes on it and place it in a scene with birds and clouds and flowers and trees, but it’s still a stick figure and not God. Theologians can’t get past their representation of God as a fancy clothed stick figure, and for some reason they don’t want to.

Scripture says that we need to know Jesus one-on-one, and by knowing Jesus can then know God. How sad for theologians, that they don’t take the advice of the same scripture they scour day in and day out for mere money.

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