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From the very start of this blog, I have made no secret that it is written for born-again believers. It is not meant for casual Christians or Christians-of-convenience, or for those who support and defend mainstream Christianity. It is not an evangelical outreach. It is meant for hardcore believers. It is meant for genuine followers of Jesus.

If Jesus was a fanatic, then so are we fanatics. If Jesus was a blasphemer, then so are we blasphemers. If Jesus stood alone in Spirit and in Truth, then so do we stand alone in Spirit and in Truth. Following Jesus means you walk God’s path alone with only God and Jesus for companions. That’s why it’s narrow; there’s room for only one body.

This is not a blog for those who believe in or follow false prophets. Mainstream Christianity is a false prophet in precisely the same way as mainstream Judaism was a false prophet in Jesus’ day. Nothing has changed. We fight the same enemies and we do so in the same way that Jesus fought – by refusing to compromise what we know is Truth, and by living and dying for that Truth.

Jesus was a healer. That means he healed sickness. He gave his followers the same ability to heal through God’s Spirit. Jesus healed through God’s Spirit, and his followers heal through God’s Spirit. No drugs required.

Jesus was a healer from his head to his toes. Even his spittle healed. We know that, because he once made a paste of dirt and his spittle and rubbed it on the eyes of someone who believed he could heal him, and that person was healed. Jesus didn’t prevent his spittle from being sprayed by covering his mouth with a cloth. He was a healer from his head to his toes, including his spittle.

Jesus also healed by physical touch. He touched others and others touched him, and they were healed. He gave the same abilities to his followers. Jesus didn’t designate a broad space around him that was not to be breached; he permitted people to press on him, and they permitted him to touch them. He permitted this because he knew they believed he was a healer, and they permitted it because they believed he could heal. Those who did not believe were not allowed to touch him until it was his time.

I mention all this because the false prophets of mainstream Christianity appear to have forgotten that Jesus was a healer and that his followers are also healers. Perhaps it’s not so much that they forgot; perhaps it’s more they never knew, because they don’t know Jesus. If they knew Jesus, they would have left the “den of thieves” long ago, like many priests left it in Jesus’ day. If they are still in that den now, defending it and going along with its decrees, they have aligned themselves with the world and will earn a fitting reward for their allegiance.

This blog is written for born-again believers. I know that others read it, some with good intentions and others with no so good intentions, but it is not meant for them. It is meant for you, if you’re a genuine born-again believer.

Jesus was a healer. We, if we’re genuinely born-again, are also healers. We heal by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, in the same way that Jesus healed and in the same way as his genuine followers in the early church healed, and in the same way as all of Jesus’ genuine followers throughout the ages have healed.

No drugs required. No mouth-cloths required. No broad-spacing required. All that’s required is belief. If you’re a genuine follower of Jesus, you know this and follow this. It is self-evident to you. If you are a follower of false prophet Christianity and of the world, you do as the false prophet church does and as the world does, and you have no place here. This blog is not meant for you.

Genuine followers don’t ask: “What would Jesus do?”, they ask: “What did Jesus do?”, because everything we need to know to live our lives on Earth, Jesus did already and showed us in the Gospels.

We do not follow the decrees of false prophet Christianity, which are the decrees of the world.

We follow Jesus.

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