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Once again, we born-again believers are tasked with throwing caution and all yeasted products to the wind in our annual fridge and cupboard purge. It doesn’t matter if the bread’s still good or the crackers are still crunchy – if they’ve got yeast in them, out they go.

Some people are real sticklers about yeast, yeasted products, and leavening agents. My understanding of scripture is that the yeast that’s verboten during the Feast of Unleavened Bread is the slow-acting yeast used to make dough rise. The Hebrews were so hasty in their departure from Egypt, they had no time to let their dough rise before leaving, which meant they later had to bake unleavened bread. Yeast requires time to work its magic, but the Hebrews didn’t have the luxury of time. When we choose to celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread for a week, as commanded us by God, we honor the memory of our spiritual forefathers. We remember and celebrate the miracles that got them their freedom at the very small cost of having to eat unyeasted flat bread until the flour ran out.

Then they ate manna for 40 years.

The spiritual concept of leaving in haste is built-in to being a believer. You don’t do things in your time; you do them in God’s time. And God’s time can be any time, which is why you should always be ready to leave at the drop of a hat – to always have (as scripture describes) your loins girded, your staff in your hand, and your shoes on your feet. That’s how you’re to eat the the Passover meal and that’s also pretty much how you should be going through life as a born-again believer. We no longer do things because we want to do them our way and in our time; we do things because God advises or commands us to do them, in his way and in his time. And often his time is in haste.

We also have the option not to live that way. We have a free-will right to hunker down when we want to and disobey God. We can prep 10 years’ worth of food and supplies and refuse to budge in our mortgaged house, even as the waters start rising all around us. We can still choose the world’s way. But if we do, it won’t turn out well for us in the end. That’s a guarantee.

God intervened in the Hebrews’ sufferings and sprung them from their Egyptian prison in answer to their prayers. In return, they took on a life of wandering and relative hardship, but they never went hungry and all their basic needs were met as long as they stayed the course. Those who didn’t stay the course were unceremoniously removed from the collective.

The same is going on with us born-again believers. Through rebirth, God sprung us from our spiritual prison where Satan was our overlord. In return, he placed us in the spiritual realm of the Kingdom, outside the spiritual reach of the world. He’s given us all jobs to do and rules to follow, and he amply provides for us, as long as we stay our allotted course. If we don’t, the same thing will happen to us as happened to the children of Israel who rebelled against God.

I don’t know about you, but I think giving up yeasted products for a week and purging your home of yeast is a small price to pay for everything God does for us – both those things we know about and the things we don’t. Getting rid of yeast is a timely reminder that when God moves in our lives, it’s usually unexpected and requires of us that we be ready to move IN HASTE, sometimes at just a moment’s notice. When that happens, don’t expect to be able to take anything with you but the clothes on your back and what you can easily carry in your hands.

As always, God will provide for your needs. He always provides for his children.

No matter how insanely impossible it looks, God will provide.

When has he not?

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