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As the world prepares once more for war, as sides are chosen and alliances formed, we need to remember who we are, what we stand for, why we’re here, and who has our loyalty.

In case you’ve forgotten, we’re followers of Jesus, we stand for God’s Truth, we’re here to preach and teach the Word and to do whatever God guides us to do, and God alone has all our loyalty.

God alone has all our loyalty, as it was for Jesus.

These facts are indisputable and non-negotiable.


We do not choose sides in a war. We have the God-given right to abstain from choosing sides.

We do not kill, we do not injure, we do not support one side over the other.

We do not point fingers. We do not hate or kill our enemies.

We love them.

Even if it means we have to die ourselves for them, we love our enemies. That is a commandment from Jesus, which means it comes straight from God. There are no exceptions to God’s commandments, not under any circumstances.


We do not take sides.  

We do not pick up weapons to hurt or kill.

We do not support those who hurt or kill.

We do not hurt or kill in self-defence or in defence of our loved ones or property.

Our weapons are for deterrence only.

We do not hurt or kill.


As the world once again turns to war, we need to remember who we are.

We are NOT the world.

We are the Kingdom.

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